PC Recorder

MSRpro Client / Server system high performance PC Recorder (Model: MSR2K)

  • Max. 2048 points
  • High speed 100 msec. mode up to 256 points
  • Active trend view to compare in real time past and present data overlapped on each other
  • Arithmetic and logic functions, including the ones performed between channels
  • Alarm history and data search functions

The MSRpro is a ‘paperless pen-type’ recording system for PC-based data acquisition and analysis. By communicating with I/O modules that have a LAN card communication interface, the MSRpro reads in input signals and stores them in a hard disk as digital data.

By sharing viewing and storing tasks by ‘Client’ and ‘Server,’ the MSRpro realizes the recording and operating functions of large number of input signals in high speed.

M-System’s remote I/O modules, R3 Series, offers a wide variety of input signals including DC and AC signals, temperature, potentiometer, strain gauge and others.

The MSRpro is a suite of three programs:

Collects and stores input measurement data and executes arithmetic computation to it.

Used to view, analyze and print measurement data.

Creates and modifies configurations for either program.

System Configuration Examples Data Sheet

Trend View Overview Active Trend Graphic
System Configuration Examples

System Configuration Examples