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CUSTOMER FIRST M-System Service Policies

All M-System’s products and services are provided outside Japan through M-System’s authorized distributors. M-System is trying to enhance the customer satisfaction with following 5 service policies. As to the terms and conditions of a specific service, consult M-System for details.

1. Continued Products Availability

  • We have basic policy of never to discontinue our products without providing compatible replacements.
  • We always strive to procure all the electronic parts for our products. When a certain electronic part is no longer available, we will make best effort to provide a product compatibly replaceable with the existing product as long as there is substantial demand for such product.

2. Fast and Precise Delivery

  • The standard manufacturing lead time for most of our products is 5 days.
  • Quick Service Center is available for 24-48 hours shipment.
  • Once a delivery time is promised, the customer can of course count on us to deliver them precisely on time.

3. Special Specifications Service with no extra charge

  • Special specification products can be supplied without additional charge for major product series, except for those requiring excessive labor or materials.
  • We are putting our effort into expansion of the scope of Special Specifications Service to all of our products. Special Specification Service will be available to more product series in the future.

For detailed terms and conditions applicable to each specific product, consult M-System.

4. Special Repair Service

  • During the service period of 36 months from the date of purchase, we will provide free repair service for a damage or malfunction caused by a user’s mistake when we determine at our discretion that cause of the damage or malfunction falls into the “Service Coverage” set out as conditions of this service. Such free repair service will be limited to one repair per cause of the damage or malfunction.

For detailed terms and conditions applicable to this service, consult M-System.

5. Factory Setting Service with no extra charge

  • Configuration setting for programmable products is free of charge upon the customer’s request for once when ordering, except for those requiring special engineering (e.g. multi-function PID controllers).

For detailed terms and conditions applicable to each specific product, consult M-System.