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Our Commitment


More than 12% of annual turnover invested for research and development

More than 12% of annual turnover is invested for research and development. Not only that, one out of five M-System staff members is involved in design and development of new and renewed products.

The continuous emphasis to budgetary and human resources ensures more than 100 models of newly released products every year, which lead the market and satisfy the ever-evolving needs of industries.


Computer-integrated flexible manufacturing systems for high-mix, low-volume production

Surface-mount chip shooters are usually believed to be suitable only for mass production, but M-System’s original ‘high-mix, low-volume’ production system realizes every month more than one third of the total shipment of thirty thousand signal conditioners and I/O modules of customer specified I/O and power supply combinations.

Production program is automatically created and executed by every cycle of chip mounting process according to received orders so that there is no need of stocking half-assembled products. 2D codes containing the program information specific to an ordered product is printed on every printed circuit board at the first stage and referred to at every later step of production and testing.

This computer managed production system eliminates human error factors to the limit, ensuring high productivity and reliability.


Meeting quickly for modern need for EMC countermeasures

EMC countermeasures combining EMI and EMS components provide the basic means of dealing with electromagnetic radiation. These countermeasures must be incorporated from the product design and development stage.

While many equipment manufacturers rely upon public testing facilities to verify the compliance of their products with Europe’s mandatory CE marking program, M-System has its own RF anechoic chamber and shielded room facilities, Kyoto Techno Center, in order to speed the development of new products.

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