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031040 What are major characteristics of model M2PP?
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031041 I want to indicate an integrated flow value by 4-20mA dc analog signal output by a 2-wire electromagnetic flowmeter.
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031042 I need to indicate flow pulse signals (10,000 pulses/hour) at two independent integrating counters. Maximum input to each counter is 500 pulses/hour.
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031043 Model JPA Application
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031044 A positive displacement flowmeter is used to measure the flow of a variety of different viscosity liquids. The flow rates range from 0-5 gpm to 0-50 gpm. The flow rates relate to a DC pulse frequency from a proximity sensor of 0-1.2 Hz to 0-12.0 Hz. I need one frequency to analog transmitter that will provide a 4-20 mA DC signal under both conditions and for any other frequency range which may occur in this application.
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031045 Will the model MTD work according to the following specs?….
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032047 What is "cutout" function of new frequency transmitters? Is it not "low-end cutout"?
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032067 In the factory we are using the flow meter that outputs the pulse signal. With this signal we want to know an instantaneous flow. Which M-System products do you suggest for this application?
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032070 We are from an institute of a pharmacy company.
We are thinking of using a math converter to count the pulse signal from a flow meter so as to measure flow volume. The flow meter sends out 1 pulse every 0.333 ml. Now we want to apply a signal conditioner to the flow meter so that it can generate a pulse every 1 ml for the math converter to count. Is there any kind of signal conditioner that can be used for this by purpose?
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032110 We are planning to use a frequency transmitter to detect an electrical generator’s number of revolutions (pulse signal) and convert it into a proportional analog signal output, which can be displayed on an existing analog panel meter.
The measuring frequency range is 0-1000 Hz but we want to see the scaling of 500-600 Hz as 0-100%.
Do you have any transmitter which can consider the input range of 500-600 Hz into an output analog signal as scaling 0-100%?
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032118 We monitor a conveyer speed of production line at the central monitor room. The conveyer moves forward and sometimes reverse in its operation.
We plan to monitor the conveyer speed at field end as well. We use a rotary encoder as a speed sensor and it outputs two-phase voltage pulse.
We’d like to make a field panel as small as we can. Does M-System have a small size transmitter and digital display to meet this requirement?
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032149 At our factory, we are having a problem with a motor, which occurs at the time of a certain number of revolutions. To monitoring, we like to count the number of revolutions by pulse (frequency) and convert to 0 to 10V DC to input to the recorder. The motor is running 0 to 1,000Hz, and the problem occurs in the range of 820 to 890Hz. I know that the input frequency is from 0Hz with a standard frequency transmitter. But, to check a problem in detail, we like to have a module which can be configured 800 to 900Hz as 0 to 100% output. Is there a product?
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032157 We like to monitor the 24 V DC power supply voltage of the testing equipment. The following conditions we like to achieve. When voltage rises abnormally high more than 24 V DC, flash the LED (on/off) using 2 Hz square wave pulse. To identify if the voltage rises over 25 V DC, the LED’s flashing (on/off) speed by frequency to be faster. Is there any suitable product?
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032158 At our printer paper production line, we are using rotary encoders. There is a PLC at central location and encoders are scattered in 6 different locations. The encoder has two open collector output signals for phase A and B positions. Is there a solution to transmit encoders’ signals to a PLC for a long distance from 20 meters to 70 meters?
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