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model:IT40S, IT50S and IT60S
  • Energy saving, maintenance free LED lights
  • Direct Ethernet and CC-Link control saves wiring
    and cost
  • Bright and even illumination thanks to M-System’s original reflection system
  • Number and color of LED modules can be freely combined.
  • IP 65

Wire Saver Tower Light

The IT40S, IT50S and IT60S Series are preassembled tower lights of 40-mm, 50-mm and 60-mm diameter LED modules. They feature direct control by PLC via Ethernet Modbus/TCP (model: ITxxSRE) or CC-Link (model: ITxxSRC).

In combination with M-System’s remote I/O modules, local discrete signals can trigger the light modules connected with single network cables via a remote PLC, saving a great part of parallel wiring from sensor devices to the PLC’s input cards, and from the PLC’s output cards to the lights.

Contact input type (ITxxSA1) without network connection is also available for local control.


Application Example with Network Capable Tower Lights
Application Example with Network Capable Tower Lights
Component Identification
Component Identification

Triple-Reflection System

M-System’s original triple-reflection design prevents the LED lights from wasteful diffusion and ensures effective and even lighting in obliquely downward directions.


Setting Panel & Status Indicator LED

DIP switches on the side are used to select blinking frequency (2 Hz or 10 Hz), alert sound (buzz) ON/OFF frequency, loudness level and to specify either the lights should be turned off or maintained in case of communication failure.

Power and network status indicator LEDs are also provided on the side.


Network Connection

RJ-45 connector for Ethernet or a separable tension-clamp terminal block for CC-Link is provided at the bottom of the tower for easy wiring.

Five-layer, Five-color LED Modules in Free Combination

Number of LED module layers can be specified from one to five when ordering. Five colors (red, amber, green, blue and white) can be freely combined for each module.

Five-layer, Five-color LED Modules in Free Combination
Modbus/TCP Ethernet IT60SRE φ60 mm (2.36”) 1 to 5

IT50SRE φ50 mm (1.97”) X*
IT40SRE φ40 mm (1.57”)


CC-Link IT60SRC φ60 mm (2.36”) ---
IT50SRC φ50 mm (1.97”) ---
IT40SRC φ40 mm (1.57”) ---
Contact input IT60SA1 φ60 mm (2.36”) X
IT50SA1 φ50 mm (1.97”) X
IT40SA1 φ40 mm (1.57”) X
*24 Vdc power only
Degree of protection IP 65, vertical mounting only (except the bottom connectors)
Power input
Contact input

UL 1007 AWG 20
UL 1007 AWG 22 (ITxxSA1)
RJ45 connector (ITxxSRE)
Separable tension-clamp terminal (ITxxSRC)
Housing material

Flame-resistant resin (white)
Flame-resistant resin (transparent)

DIP SW Light's blinking frequency, buzzing ON/OFF frequency and volume level,
output at communication failure
LEDs Red, Amber, Green, Blue, White LED, continuous or intermittent
(approx. 2 Hz or 10 Hz)
Status indicators Power, Run, Link, Link100, COL (ITxxSRE)
Power, Run, Error, SD, RD (ITxxSRC)
Buzzing Approx. 3.3 kHz, continuous or intermittent (approx. 2 Hz or 10 Hz)
ITxxSRE: Modbus/TCP (Ethernet)
Standard IEEE 802.3u
Transmission 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX
Baud rate 10/100 Mbps (Auto Negotiation)
Data format RTU (binary)
Port No. 502
Cable 10BASE-T: STP cable, category 5
100BASE-TX: STP cable, category 5e
Max. segment length 100 meters
IP address (factory set); modifiable with PC Configurator Software
ITxxSRC: CC-Link
CC-Link Ver. 1.10
Device type Remote I/O station
Occupied node 1 station
Station No. setting 1 to 64 (selectable with rotary switch)
Baud rate 156 kbps, 625 kbps, 2.5 Mbps, 5 Mbps, 10 Mbps
(selectable with rotary switch)
Cable As specified by Mitsubishi Electric
ITxxSA1: Contact input
Contact input Dry contact, open collector (PNP/NPN)
Input resistance Approx. 50k ohms

4 V or less / 10k ohms or less

OFF 20 V or more / 100k ohms or more
Power input

100-240 Vac
24 Vdc ±10% (ripple 10%p-p max.)
Operating temp -10 to +55 °C (14 to 131 °F)
Operating humidity

30 to 90% RH (non-condensing)

Atmosphere No corrosive gas
Mounting Surface (vertical direction only)
Weight 650-750 g (1.43-1.65 lbs)
Insulation resistance 100M ohms or more with 500 Vdc (AC power only for ITxxSA1)
Dielectric strength 1500 Vac @1 minute (network to power to FE1; Ethernet/CC-Link)
1500 Vac @1 minute (input to power to FE1; contact input with AC power)
CE conformity

EMC Directive (2004/108/EC)
EN 60947-5-1: 2004 + A1: 2009
Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC)
EN 60947-5-1: 2004 + A1: 2009

Terminal access protection VDE 0660-514 (finger protection)
Model: ITPL Pole with L-shape bracket Pole with mounting base
Pole with L-shape bracket Pole with mounting base


Product Information

SC series is available to use PC Configurator Software model: SCCFG for display parameter setting, and Loop Configuration Builder Software model: SFEW3E for parameter setting. In addition to the existing infrared communication type, newly developed cable connection type is now selectable. Its stereo jack connector port is provided with a waterproof cover.
Multi-Function PID Controller
(Color LCD with touch-panel)
SC series
  model: SC210
Model Function Spec
SC100 Basic version PDF
SC200 Modbus/NestBus extension version PDF
SC110 Basic version with manual loader PDF
SC210 Modbus/NestBus extension version with manual loader PDF
Related Products
Model Function Spec
COP-US PC configurator cable
(USB - miniature jack, isolated)
COP-IRDA IrDA communication adaptor PDF
SFEW3E Loop Configuration Builder PDF
When ordering SC Series model,
select a code for Configurator Interface
blank : Infrared
/1 : Stereo jack
  model: SC210
W72 x H144 x D300
or 400 mm
(W2.83" x H5.67" x D11.81"
or 15.75")


Factory Setting Service with no extra charge

M-System has been continuing “Customer-Oriented” policy for over 40 years since it was founded.

We supply our products to customer’s order when configuration setting is necessary (e.g. Temperature range, Ordering Information Sheet etc ). In addition, configuration setting for all programmable products is free of charge by the customer’s request for once when ordering, except for those requiring special engineering (e.g. multi-function PID controllers). We are trying to increase Ordering Information Sheet library so that the customer can specify his/her spec easily when ordering.

Digital Panel Meters  47L Series
Digital Panel Meters
47L Series

From this October, M-System Digital Panel Meters 47 Series can be preset according to the Ordering Information Sheet. If you have any request for factory setting of M-System products for which Ordering Information Sheet is not prepared, please ask M-System member. We will do our best to respond to the customer’s request whenever possible.

For detailed terms and conditions applicable to this service, consult M-System.


News Letter Team’s Corner
Eri Takamori Eri Takamori takamori@m-system.co.jp
This October, I took a national examination of customs and administrative procedures in order to gain a better understanding of my staff’s work and enhance my support for them. It is the only national license in Japan and less than 10% of people can pass it. It was challenging for me but I did my best. I am now nervous until the date of results (the end of November). It seems much longer to me.
Shinichi Noda Shinichi Noda snoda@m-system.co.jp

My daughter is 17 years old and goes to school by bicycle every day. Two weeks ago, she had accident on the road. Fortunately, she escaped with a minor injury but needed to put two stitches of her feet. In Osaka, Japan, we have heavy traffic jam especially during the morning and evening rush hours, however, most of the roads don’t have exclusive bikeway, and therefore, many cyclists have to go through the road with automobile or go through sidewalk together with foot passengers. It is very danger for all of car driver, motorbike rider, cyclist and pedestrian. I hope government revise traffic rule and organize a transportation system as soon as possible.

I am very jealous of safety transportation system for cyclists in the Netherlands.


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