Gateway, Remote I/O

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R7G4HML3 시리즈 R7F4HML3 시리즈 R7K4FML 시리즈
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R1 시리즈 HUB Module for 리모트 I/O CC-Link Master Module

HUB Module for 리모트 I/O (JC 시리즈)
HUB Module for Remote I/O (JC Series)

HUB Module for 리모트 I/O

The HUB Module extends total length of network cable and branch cable.

  • 3 or 7-port

Products Line up

*Max. transmission distance between master module and HUB module, HUB module and HUB modul, HUB module and slave module is as follows. 100 m at 12 Mbps, 200 m at 6 Mbps and 300 m at 3 Mbps.
*Be sure to connect HLS0A/HLS0B to the host side.
*The terminating resistor must be enabled for the modules at both end of the communication line. The terminating resistor is incorporated in the feeder side port of the HUB module.
DIMENSIONS unit: mm (inch)
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