Web Data Loggers

DL8 Series Features

HTTP SERVER Direct or Cloud Access with a Web Browser
Direct Access (1 : 1)
  • I/O signal status in the DL8 web server can be directly monitored and manipulated with an internet browser.
Cloud Access (N : N)
  • The DL8 operating as FTP client uploads web use files to a cloud server.
  • Multiple users can access it at once without extra load at the DL8.
  • Multiple DL8 data can be managed by directories in the server.

Direct or Cloud Access with a Web Browser

  • I/Os located within 500-meter distance can be collected and accessed via single DL8 module.
  • M-System’s remote I/O model R7E, R6-NE1/2, R3-NE1 and other general Modbus/TCP slaves can be connected.
  • Local I/O data collected at the DL8 can be polled by a SCADA system via internet or intranet (LAN).

Extended Modbus I/O

*1. Pi is for pulse accumulation and 32-bit signed integer data.

Data type Status : ON/OFF
Counter : ON/OFF
              Time duration or number of status change is counted
Reset input Di CH
PI : PULSE INPUT (or 32-bit data)
Data type Accumulation :
Totalizing count deviation from reset status
Engineering unit value :
Direct reading of 32-bit signed integer (used for energy data)
Floating point :
Single precision floating type (display range ±10 000 000 000.000)
Engineering unit User defined (16 characters)
Reset input Di CH
CH assignment Built-in module : Module address + Ch. No.
Modbus device : Node + Register type + Register address
CH designation User defined channel ID (32 characters) + tag name / comment (64 characters)
AI : ANALOG INPUT (or 16-bit data)
Data type % : [% x 100] format (-2000 to 12000) for
voltage / current input
Int : Signed 16-bit integer format (-32768 to 32767) for
temperature input
Filter None / Moving Average / Delay Buffer
Engineering unit User defined (16 characters)

SMTP CLIENT E-Mail & Alarm Contact Output
  • Events can be reported by text message.
  • Selected channel data can be attached.
  • Regular reporting and test mailing are also possible.
  • SMTP over SSL encryption
  • Events can trigger an alarm contact at a discrete output module.
  • Specified Do can be turned on after a mail delivery

E-Mail & Alarm Contact Output

  • Specified channel data can be converted into user defined CSV files and uploaded to an FTP server.
  • Data transfer in the preset time intervals

CSV File Upload

Data 32 channels selected among Ai, Di, Di count, Pi, Do, Ao
Storing interval & FTP transfer cycle 1 / 2 sec : Transferred every 1 min / 10 min / 1 hour (selectable)
5 / 10 / 30 sec : Transferred every 10 min / 1 hour (selectable)
1 / 2 / 5 / 10 / 30 min : Transferred every day Dateline can be specified.
FTP SERVER Data Logging in SD Card
  • Data is sampled and stored in CSV format in an SD card.
  • The host supervising system (PC) can upload CSV data files from the DL8 operating as FTP server.

Data Logging in SD Card

Character set Shift JIS
Data 32 channels selected among Ai, Di, Di count, Pi, Do, Ao
Storing interval (synchronized with RTC) 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 30 sec
1 / 2 / 5 / 10 / 15 *2/ 20 / 30 min (at 0 second)
0 to 23 hours (multiple selection with time delay)
Dateline can be specified at every hour
Effective days of the week selectable
Analog logging mode Momentary value, average, peak or valley
Automatic file deletion Firmware V.1.4.x or later
Logging time duration Approx. 180 days for 32 points with 1-sec. intervals (counting only the logging data files)
FTP client Explorer or Browser (Internet Explorer 10, 11, Firefox 13.0.1 or later)

*2. V.1.5.0 or later

  • Peer-to-peer connection between Modbus/TCP slaves
  • Di/Do and Ai/Ao signal marshaling is easily set up on the DL8
  • Remote multiplex transmission on IP network

I/O Mapping

Simply choose input and output on the list.

Series Line up