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DL8 Series Application Examples

Applicable Area
Gas Filling Station Public utility, infrastructure Remote monitoring system for CNG gas filling stations
Irrigation Canal Gate Public utility, infrastructure Remote control of an irrigation canal gate
Boiler Machinery & equipment Test run monitoring of a boiler
Greenhouse Agriculture, livestock raising Remote monitoring of greenhouses
Gas Cogeneration Generator Electricity, gas Monitoring of gas cogeneration generators
Manhole Pump Water and sewerage Remote monitoring of manhole pumps
Water Quality Analyzer Water and sewerage Remote monitoring of water quality analyzers
Microbrewery Factory production lines Monitoring of carbon dioxide concentration, etc.,
in fermentation and maturation processes
Warehouse Logistics Remote monitoring of temperature and humidity in rice storage warehouses
Cleanroom Equipment / Machines Monitoring of air supply and ventilation volume to cleanrooms, external atmospheric pressure
Weather Observation Data Public / Daily life Remote monitoring of weather observation data
Gas Tank Electricity / Gas Monitoring gas volume in tanks
Micro Hydro power Generator Hydro power generator Remote monitoring of micro hydro power generator
Vibration Test System Equipment / Machines Maintenance of vibration test system
Building Maintenance Building maintenance Maintenance of feedwater pumps for buildings
Resort Hotel Building management Power monitoring of resort hotels
Compressor Equipment / machines Maintenance of compressors
Engine Equipment / machines Maintenance management of engine pump for water discharge
Seasoning Factory production lines Inventory management of raw material volume for seasonings
Paper Mill Factory production lines Flow Rate Signal Transmission at Paper Mill
District Heating and Cooling Facilities / Machinery Data acquisition for district heating and cooling
Aquaculture Farms Aquaculture Farms Remote Monitoring of Fish Farms
Food Processing Factory Factory Production Lines Wastewater monitoring in factories
Gas Tank Liquefied gas LGC (Liquid Gas Container) inventory management system
Heat Pump Facilities/Machinery Remote maintenance of heat pumps
Public Facility Public facilities Municipal public facility monitoring
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CNG Gas Filling Stations
Enlarged view
Construction Machines
Enlarged view
Irrigation Canal Gate
Enlarged view
Gas Cogeneration Generator
Enlarged view
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Tank Farm
Enlarged view
Boiler Test Run Monitoring
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Water Quality Analyzer
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DL8 Series Application Examples

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