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Optional Specifications / Special Specifications

How to Designate Optional Specifications

Optional specifications are available to meet various requirements, including coating designation.
If you want to specify an option, write “/ Q” at the end of the order code.
Then enter the optional specifications separately from the order code.

Order code (example)

Order code

blank : none
/Q      : Option other than the above

Optional Specifications code (example)

Optional Specifications /C01/V01

(multiple items can be specified)
/C01: Silicone coating
/C02: Polyurethane coating
/C03: Rubber coating
/V01: Multi-turn trimmer for fine adjustment
/VN: Sealed adjustment holes
Terminal screw material
/S01: Stainless steel

• The presence or absence of optional specifications and the supported content differ depending on the model. For details, see the datasheet.

Coating You can choose from three types according to your needs.

Silicone coating (/C01)

Product name



: Pelgan Z Spray or
: Pelgan Z Spray Dow Corning Toray Co., Ltd.
1-2577 Dow Corning Corp
: Improved moisture resistance, isolation, and flame retardancy

• Pelgan Z and 1-2577 are the same spec products sold in Japan by Dow Corning Toray Co., Ltd.

Silicone coating

Polyurethane coating (/C02)

Product name

: HumiSeal
: 1A27NS
: Chase Corp.
: Improved moisture resistance,
isolation, and flame retardancy

Polyurethane coating (/C02)

Rubber coating (/C03)



: Plasti Dip International Inc.
1-2577 The Dow Chemical Company
: Anti-rust, anti-corrosion,
improved electrical isolation

Rubber coating (/C03)
• Specifications and coating materials may change without notice.
You can choose the multi-turn type according to your needs.

Multi-turn trimmer for fine adjustment (/V01)

While the standard potentuometer rotates 260°,
the multi-turn potentiometer is suitable for finer adjustments.

Rubber coating (/C03)

Multi-turn trimmer
for fine adjustment

Rubber coating (/C03)

Standard trimmer

• The trimmer used may change without notice.
Terminal screw material

You can choose the stainless-steel type according to your needs.

Stainless steel (/S01)

Stainless steel has excellent environmental resistance,
including resistance to corrosive gases,
compared with nickel-plated iron used for normal terminal screws.

Rubber coating (/C03)

Stainless steel screws

Rubber coating (/C03)

Nickel-plated iron screws

• The screws used may change without notice.
Special Specifications
No additional charges
We strive toward complete offerings with special specification products.

We offer an enormous selection of signal conditioners and remote I/Os, power monitors, paperless recorders, panel meters, surge suppressors and valve actuators, and even that may not be enough for your particular needs. But do not give up easily. Just ask us. We continue to work toward full product offerings with special specifications without additional charge, starting with major product series. In addition, we put our effort to make them into standard selections so that they are more easily accessible to you and everyone else in the future.

The special specification example which the legs of a leaded part are reinforced with a special kind of resin for the vibration countermeasure.

Various special specifications (request examples from customers)

The range does not match with that of the standard specification
We want to set the ranges of input signal and output signal to the ones not included in the existing code.

We want to combine with the special sensor
We want to combine with special sensor or thermistor not included in the standard.

Different power supply voltage
We want to use the power supply compatible with the special CVCF (constant voltage and constant frequency unit). We want to match a marine power supply.

We want an external volume
We want to attach the volume to adjust the bias of the ratio conditioner onto the control panel surface.

M-System also responds quickly to technical inquiries.
Inquiries are answered promptly.

The Design Department needs to conduct a technical examination to see whether the special specifications you have inquired about can be manufactured.
M-System responds to you with a technical review as soon as possible.

M-System will standardize special specifications.
The special specifications you ordered will be standardized in sequence.

We will standardize the special specification items, beginning with the ones most requested. Once they are standardized, you will no longer need troublesome meetings or specification check when you place an order.

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