Gateway, Remote I/O

R7F4DH Series - Compact Remote I/O

R7F4DH Series

HLS (Hi-speed Link System) for FA Machinery Control.

  • Compact, all-in-one package
  • 16 discrete inputs or outputs and 8 discrete I/O modules selectable
  • Easy-to-wire connection typically used for machinery control:
    - Mini-clamp (e-CON) connector
    - MIL connector
    - Spring cage (tension-clamp) terminal

Products Line up

Mini-Clamp Connector MIL Connector Spring Cage Terminal
Easy, quick, and reliable IDC* termination using a standard pliers
R7F4DH-2, R7F4DH-3
 R7F4DH-2, R7F4DH-3
MIL standard connector for flat cables
Quick push-in bridging system using a standard minus screwdriver; Pluggable terminal block
Recommended connector:
3M Mini-Clamp plug, 37104-XXXX-000FL
*IDC: Insulation-displacement connector
Recommended connector:
OMRON MIL socket XG4M-2030
Connector type (provided):
Phoenix Contact terminal block FMC 1,5/16-ST-3,5

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