The M3 Series is your safe bet
when you are not sure of your final I/O signals.

Ideal for Spare Parts Reduction Programs, the M3 Series supports two methods for configuring the unit. The unit's DIP switches/control buttons simplify in-field configuration without using a PC. When identical multiple configurations are required, save yourself some time downloading he setting from PC software.
DIP Switch Configuration Mode:
Once the module is configured with internal DIP switches, precise I/O ranges are set up with the front control buttons using a simulator connected to the input terminals and a multimeter connected to the output terminals as a reference. Simply applying the desired minimum and maximum signal levels and press DOWN or UP buttons respectively to store the levels. The front LEDs' colors and flashing patterns help you to easily identify the transmitter's status and confirm the setup actions in each step of Calibration mode.

PC Configuration Mode:
The PC Configurator Connection Kit (model: M3CON) including a dedicated cable and a software CD is available separately. The software, with its trend monitoring & status view, is also useful to monitor and diagnose the transmitter's I/O loops.