M6 Series UL/cUL Nonincendive Approval

M6 SeriesThe M6 Series Ultra-slim Signal Conditioners are now approved for use in the UL and cUL Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D applications.

The M6 Series features its ultra-slim design of only 5.9 mm or 0.23 inch width (7.5 mm or 0.3 inch for M6N Series). As many as sixteen M6D/M6S modules can be mounted tightly side by side in a space of 9.5 centimeters (3.75 inches). In order to save you from individual power input wiring, the Installation Base holding eight modules can be expanded up to six bases for the maximum of 48 modules supported by a common power supply.

Selectable connection styles, a wide varieties of I/O signal ranges, low power consumption, 2000 Vac isolation together with CE and UL, make the M6 Series ideal as standard for use in a wide range of industrial and commercial machineries.

Product Bulletins
A4: Letter:

Presently approved products are as listed below and more new, approved products will follow.

Tension Clamp M3 Screw Terminal Euro Terminal Functions
M6SSN M6NSN M6DSN Input Loop Powered Isolator
M6SYV M6NYV M6DYV Isolator
M6SXV M6NXV M6DXV Signal Transmitter (PC programmable)
M6SVS M6NVS M6DVS Signal Transmitter
M6SWVS M6NWVS M6DWVS Signal Transmitter (two isolated outputs)
M6SXT M6NXT M6DXT Thermocouple Transmitter (PC programmable)
M6SXR M6NXR M6DXR RTD Transmitter (PC programmable)
M6SXM M6NXM M6DXM Potentiometer Transmitter (PC programmable)
M6SDY M6NDY M6DDY Current Loop Supply
M6SPA M6NPA M6DPA Frequency Transmitter
M6SXF1 M6NXF1 M6DXF1 Function Module (PC programmable)
M6SBS M6NBS M6DBS Installation Base
M6SPS1 M6NPS1 M6DPS1 Power Supply Module
M6SPS2 M6NPS2 M6DPS2 Power Supply Module (dual redundant)

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