Ultra High-speed and Highly Reliable Remote I/O Control Network

HLS is a remote I/O control network of one master with multiple slaves. Master and slave devices automatically communicate via HLS thanks to the embedded protocol, and with the maximum of 63 slaves, 2016-bit I/O can be controlled within 1 millisecond. Communication is always performed in certain timing and never fails. The stable control is also ensured by an automatic waveform correction function that restores distorted waveforms damaged by noise and long distance transmission.

Network type High-speed response master/slave network on RS485
Network topology Multi-drop, star, tree
Cable Twisted-pair cable
Transfer rate 12 Mbps
(full-duplex and half-duplex)
Response time 30.33 to 955 microseconds
Max. connection nodes 63
Data size 16 bits for input and 16 bits for output per node
Network features High-speed response of 30.33 microseconds (max). RS485 network offers a great advantage in reliability and cost performance. Suitable for digital and analog I/O control of lower layer network.
Data Sharing and Remote Digital I/O + Analog I/O + Motor Control

CUnet is a distributed control network with multiple masters/slaves. The network can simultaneously execute (1) 512-byte data sharing, (2) remote digital/analog I/O plus motor control, and (3) P2P (1 to 1) 256-byte data transfer. All terminals within the network execute without needing a CPU automatic data transfer in high speed, and share all memory data on a real-time basis. The CUnet remains independent from type and performance of the user CPU.

Network type Multi-master/-slave network on RS485
Network topology Multi-drop, star, tree
Cable Twisted-pair cable
Transfer rate 12 Mbps (half-duplex)
Response time 102 to 2370 microseconds
Max. connection nodes 64
Data size 8 bytes per node, 512 bytes in total
Network features Remote control of digital I/O, analog I/O and motors. Data shared by all nodes on a real-time basis. RS485 network offers an excellent cost performance.

High-speed Remote I/O for FA Equipment Control

R7F4D / R7K4D / R7HL Series

  • Remote I/O for HLS (High-speed Link System) by StepTechnica Co., Ltd.

  • Wide variety of discrete signals (8-points, 16-points, 32-points) and analog signals.

  • Four connection styles are selectable to fit with various sensors and devices.


Mini-Clamp Connector, MIL Connector,
Spring Cage Terminal
R7F4DH Series
R7F4DH Series
e-CON (Mini-Clamp) Connector
R7K4D Series
R7K4D Series

Screw Terminal
R7HL Series

R7HL Series

For more information and questions about HLS, CUnet and M-System remote I/O, contact: info@m-system.co.jp