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TR30Updater: Paperless Recorder Firmware Updater

TR30Updater, Paperless Recorder Firmware Updater, updates firmware of the model TR30-G Paperless Recorder using a PC. Refer to the "VERSION HISTORY" of the TR30-G Users Manual for detailed information.

• USB cable to connect between PC and TR30-G (USB (A) male – USB (mini B) male)
• PC to install the TR30Updater and the TRGCFG and connect the TR30-G via the USB cable
• PC Configurator Software (model: TRGCFG)
   Download the latest version from our "Software Download & Upgrade" web site.
• TR30-G Users Manual (EM-8631-G)

Applicable Model
Applicable model
Applicable version
Updated version


Version shown right or earlier

Ver 2.1.698

<How to confirm the firmware version of TR30-G? >
Connect with the USB cable between the TR30-G and the PC installed with the TRGCFG. Start up the TRGCFG to confirm the firmware version. Refer to the TR30-G Users Manualfor detailed information.

Important precaution before updating
Be sure to secure recorded data stored in the memory blocks of the TR30-G before updating process. The updating program initializes all the memory blocks.
For TR30-G: Applicable to all versions earlier than Ver 1.3.685

How to update the TR30
Losing the power supply of the TR30-G or the PC while the updating is on progress may cause the TR30-G malfunctioning, and it may become impossible to retrying the update process. Be sure to have a stable power supply.

<Update procedure>
1. Download and uncompress
Press DOWNLOAD button for the ZIP archive file ( and save the archive on any folder you like. Use an uncompressing tool to expand the downloaded archive. Unzipped file is "TR30Updater_EG_V2.1.exe".

2. Stop and reboot TR30-G
Turn off the power for the TR30-G. Remove the I/O modules and communication connection. Turn on the power for the TR30-G and the PC. Connect them with USB cable.

3. Save backup file for the settings
Start the TRGCFG on the PC and read out and save the settings from the TR30-G. (The setting under "General" of the TRGCFG screen is not saved in the file. Take a note.) Refer to the TR30-G Users Manual for detailed information.
Normally old settings are taken over even after updating. If they are initialized and lost, write the saved settings to the TR30-G using the latest applicable version of the TRGCFG.

4. Update
Double-click the "TR30updater_EG_V2.1.exe" file saved in the PC at step 1. (If the message "Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer?" is displayed, choose "YES".
After this step, follow instructions displayed on the PC.
To finish, a dialog box prompting confirmation of the firmware version appears on the screen. Reboot the TR30-G. The version after update will be successfully displayed to complete.

< NOTE >
Product Serial Number is required to download software.
Model No. TR30Updater
Release Date June 13, 2019
OS Windows 7 (32bits/64bits), Windows 8, 8.1 ,
Windows 10
Note: The software may not operate adequately in certain conditions.
PC Requirements

USB port
Memory: Must meet the relevant Windows' requirements
Hard disk space: min. 10 Mbytes

File ID ZIP Archive:
File Size 2.3 MB

ZIP Archive