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MSR128LUS: PC Recorder Light for the 53U Multi Power Monitor

M-System’s PC Recorder combines hardware and software to produce a low cost PC-based data monitoring, logging and trending solution.
The MSR128LUS is used to show on the PC trend graphs and digital values of the data sampled by the 53U Multi Power Monitor.

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To install the MSR128LUS software, please refer to the MSR128LUS/MSR128LUV Users Manual PDF
• If you already have older version software installed in your system, we recommend to uninstall it before installing this software.
• Please refer to respective instruction manuals for more information about the 53U and the MSR128LUS.
Model No. MSR128LUS
Version 2.02B
OS Windows 2000, Windows XP SP2
Screen Area SVGA, 800 x 600 pixels
Display Colors 65000 colors or more (16 bit high color)
CPU Pentium III 800 MHz*1 or higher
Memory 128 MB minimum
(256 MB recommended for Windows XP)
Hard Disk Area Use an internal hard disk. An external one connected via SCSI may affect the program's performance. Maintain enough free space and transfer stored data periodically to an external media.
Power monitor model 53U-1xx1-AD (Choose Code 1 for External Interface.)
Protocol converter model R2K-1, 72EM-M4, 72EM2-M4
Release Date Jan 10 , 2008
File ID ZIP Archive:
File Size 3.0 MB
*1 Alternately, Celeron CPU with the secondary cache.
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• Downloading may not be possible via certain types of analog circuits or LAN cards.
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