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M3CON: M3 Configurator Software
M3CON Configurator Software is used to monitor and set parameters for M3 Series Programmable Transmitters.

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For installing and using the M3CON Software, please refer to the M3CON Users Manuals as listed below.
M-System is currently working on transferring the component programs of the M3CON to the new M3CFG, which is usable on Windows Vista in addition to Windows 2000 and XP. Each new program is identical in its window graphic design and compatible in functionality with its counterpart in the M3CON, and file size has been greatly reduced.
We still maintain the old component programs in the meantime but highly recommend you to download the new ones whenever possible.

The following new software programs are presently available:
Software Hardware Version
M3LUCFG: V1.1 M3LU, M3LU2 V1.1
M3LRCFG: V1.0.5 M3LR V1.0.5
M3LTCFG: V1.0 M3LT V1.0
M3LVCFG: V1.0.8 M3LV V1.0.8
M3LLCCFG: V1.0.1 M3LLC V1.0.1
Download M3CFG

< NOTE >
When programming the M3 module using the M3CON, PC Configurator Cable (model: MCN-CON or COP-US*) is required to connect the module to a PC.
*The COP-US is usable with Windows 2000 or later-version OS.

Model No. M3CON


Revision 14 package includes the following software programs:
Software Hardware Version Instruction
M3LUCON: V2.00 M3LU V2.00 1.1MB
M3LLCCON: V2.01 M3LLC V2.01 3.1MB
M3LPACON: V2.00 M3LPA V2.00 5.9MB
M3LDYCON: V2.01 M3LDY V2.01 5.6MB
M3LVCON: V2.01 M3LV V2.01 5.2MB
M3LTCON: V2.01 M3LT V2.01 5.5MB
M3LRCON: V2.01 M3LR V2.01 6.2MB
M3LMCON: V2.01 M3LM V2.01 5.7MB
OS Windows 98SE, Windows NT4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XPpro
System Serial port (COM1 or COM2)
Minimum 48 MB RAM (24 MB for Windows 98SE)
Minimum 30 MB free hard disk space
Release Date August 27, 2009
File ID ZIP Archive:
File Size 121.8 MB

ZIP Archive

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