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M3CFG: M3 Configurator Software
M3CFG Configurator Software is used to monitor and set parameters for M3 Series Programmable Transmitters.

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For installing and using the M3CFG Software, please refer to the M3CFG Users Manuals as listed below.

< NOTE >
When programming the M3 module using the M3CFG, PC Configurator Cable (model: MCN-CON or COP-US) is required to connect the module to a PC.

Model No. M3CFG


This Revision package includes the following software programs:
Software Hardware Version Instruction
M3LUCFG: V1.1.1 M3LU, M3LU2 V1.1.1 2.4MB
M3LPACFG: V1.0.28 M3LPA2, M3LPA V1.0.28 1.2MB
M3LRCFG: V1.0.5 M3LR V1.0.5 826KB
M3LTCFG: V1.0.15 M3LT V1.0.15 2.2MB
M3LVCFG: V1.0.8 M3LV V1.0.8 1.3MB
M3LLCCFG: V1.0.4 M3LLC V1.0.4 2.3MB
OS Windows XP, Windows Vista (32bit), Windows 7 (32bit, 64bit)
System Serial port (COM1 through COM 16) or USB Port
RAM must satisfy the operating system's requirements.
Minimum free hard disk area 10MB
Release Date May 31, 2017
File ID ZIP Archive:
File Size

3.4 MB


Please read the following terms and conditions before using the software.
Use of this software ("Software") is restricted to (individual corporate) customers who have agreed to the following software terms of use ("Terms of Use").
The Terms of Use constitutes a binding legal contract between the customer and M-System Co., Ltd. ("M-System"). A customer who downloads, installs, copies, or uses the Software shall be deemed to have agreed to the Terms of Use.
M-System licenses the Software only for use to customers who have agreed to the terms and conditions of the Terms of Use; rights are not transferred through purchase. M-System reserves all rights explicitly granted to the customer herein and any rights not mentioned. The Software is the sole property of M-System and its licensors, and the customer owns the electronic storage medium on which the Software is recorded.
If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, do not download, install, copy, or use the Software but instead return it to M-System or to the point of purchase.

1. Definitions
  For the purposes of the Terms of Use, the Software includes computer software and all related media and printed matter, including catalogs and manuals.
2. License
The customer is permitted to download the Software and install it on multiple computers solely for use with customer M-System's signal conditioners.
M-System grants non-exclusive and non-transferable rights to the Software for the customer's personal use only.
The customer is permitted to copy the Software provided that such copies are for back-up only. However, note that the Software is protected by copyright legislation and that backup copies must include all copyright and other property rights information in the original Software.
If the Software is an update or an upgrade, the customer may use the Software only in exchange for a valid license already granted by an earlier version of the Software. An update or upgrade does not constitute a second Software license.
3. Restrictions and Other Rights
The customer shall not delete or change any of the copyright information displayed by the Software.
The customer shall not alter any portion of the Software.
In the event that copy protection is used in or has been added to the Software, the customer shall not remove or attempt to remove the copy protection in question.
The customer shall not sell the Software to a third party.
The customer shall not rent, lease, or transfer ownership of or license to use the Software without the written permission of M-System.
The customer shall not decompile, reverse assemble, reverse engineer, or otherwise attempt to discover the source code or underlying design of the Software.
The customer shall observe all laws pertaining to the use of the Software.
The customer shall not upload the Software to a website or other host or transmit the Software to a third party by e-mail or other means without the permission of M-System.
M-System may change without notice the contents and specifications of the Software.
The Software may contain third-party programs. In the event M-System has been notified by the party concerned that the terms of use of such third-party programs differ from these Terms of Use, the customer shall observe the terms of use for the third-party software (stated separately).
M-System reserves all rights not explicitly stated in the Terms of Use.
4. Proprietary Rights
  M-System and the third party reserve all rights, ownership and the industrial property right to the copies of the Software, and these rights are not transferable to the customer.
5. Confidentiality
  The customer shall not disclose the content of the Software to any third party.
6. Termination
  M-System may terminate without notice the license of any customer who infringes on M-System's rights by violating the terms and conditions of the Terms of Use or by violating copyright or other laws, and may require the customer to destroy the Software and all copies in their possession. Articles 7 and 8 of the Terms of Use shall however remain in effect notwithstanding termination of the license.
7. Limited Warranty
The Software is provided "gas is" without warranty of any kind. M-System disclaims all warranties, explicit or implicit, including but not limited to marketability, title, freedom from defects, or suitability for any particular purpose. The customer assumes sole responsibility for all risks arising from the use of the Software and its functions and shall bear all costs for servicing, repairs, or adjustments required as a consequence of any defect in the Software.
M-System shall not be required to modify or repair the Software should it be found to be defective or non-functional whether through changes to the specifications or for any other reason whatsoever.
Limited warranty for electronic storage media: In the event that the Software is found in the course of normal use to have damaged, deformed, or polluted the electronic storage medium on which the Software is stored, M-System will offer replacement only if the claim is made within 90 days of shipment. This warranty does not extend to damages arising from willful or unintended negligence, accidents, acts of god, or misapplication of the Software.
8. Limitation of Liability
M-System shall not be liable in any way for any damage (including but not limited to lost profits, loss of business data, and any other financial damages) arising from the use of or inability to use the Software.
M-System is entitled to deny, partially or completely, all liability in the event that the customer modify or alter the Software, use it in combination with other computer software, or in any other way cause it to differ from the Software as described in the instruction manuals or specification sheets.
M-System is entitled to deny liability for all claims by the customer arising from the application or violation of the Terms of Use if such claims are not made within 90 days.
M-System shall not in any way be liable for damages arising from computer viruses or other malicious programs. Checking the Software for viruses or other malicious programs is the customer's responsibility.
9. Export Restrictions
  The customer shall not, directly or indirectly, export or transmit the Software or any related documents to another country without the prior agreement of M-System.
10. Other Terms and Conditions
The Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
All questions concerning the Terms of Use shall be resolved in good faith through the cooperation of both parties.

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