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JXCON: JX Series PC Configurator Software Update

Bug Descriptions
1. JDL: Setting created on the JXCON may not be downloaded to the hardware unit.
2. JT, JR, JDL: Temperature unit K may not be downloaded to the hardware units.
3. The temperature unit (ITEM 21) setting may not be changed for the JT or the JR if these hardware units are selected after the function setting (ITEM 10) for the JDL has been specified 'FX : Linearizer.'
4. M8XV2, M8XT2, M8XR2, M8XM2: The input type (ITEM 10) may be incorrectly indicated when the information is uploaded from the hardware units.
5. M8XT2, M8XR2: Setting created on the JXCON may not be correctly downloded to the hardware unit.
6. JF (Item 11) : May not read/write corretly the parameter of 'Square root extraction for input X1.'
7. JPA, JS, JDL, M2XU, M2XUM, M2XPA, M2XPA2, M2XRP2, M8XV2, M8XT2, M8XR2, M8XM2: May not read the linearization data when opening the saved file with OPEN button after setting linearization data and clicking SAVE button.
8. JUA: When setpoint for Alarm Output (Item 26, 29) and hysteresis for Alarm Output (Item 27, 30) are set with setting unit for alarm (Item 38, 39) to engineering unit and then after performing ‘Saving Parameter as a File’,‘Reading Parameters from a File’ is performed to the file, the value for setpoint for Alarm Output (Item 26, 29) and hysteresis for Alarm Output (Item 27, 30) is changed. M2XU and M2XUM: The error message ‘empty item’ is displayed when download is performed with correct setting vlue.
9. Windows 7 and Windows 8 are supported.
Applicable Software Versions
This update is applicable to the following versions of JXCON.

Applicable Software Versions
Update Version
Bug Descriptions 1-5
V3.01 through 8.06
Bug Descriptions 6
V3.01 through 10.01
Bug Descriptions 7
V3.01 through 12.01
Bug Descriptions 8,9
V3.01 through 12.08

< How to confirm the software version of the JXCON? >
Start up the JXCON. The version No. is indicated at the right bottom of the window.

Bug Fix Details
Install the update version to correct the above problems.
How to Install the Update
ZIP archive
Press DOWNLOAD button for the ZIP archive and save the archive on your Windows desktop.
Use an uncompressing tool to expand the downloaded archive.
Start the installer program and follow instructions on the screen.
Model No. JXCON
Version V.12.09
OS Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 (32 bit, 64 bit) , Windows 8 (32 bit, 64 bit)
Required hardware Serial port (COM1 through 4)
Minimum hard disk area: 5 MB
Minimum required RAM: 16 MB
Release Date April 24, 2014
File ID

ZIP Archive:

File Size 8.00 MB

ZIP Archive