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Sample Definition File for WideField3

'SQ30.ini' and 'SQ30.sav' files are sample definition files for FAMCL-01 module used for high functionality register monitor of the WideField3.

Press DOWNLOAD button for the ZIP archive file ( and save the archive on any folder you like.

Use an uncompressing tool to expand the downloaded archive.

For using the sample definition files, please refer to the readme.txt file created when uncompressing.
< Contents of the sample definition files >
•SQ30.ini: The definition file for slave station No. 1 to 32.
•SQ30.sav: The definition file for slave station No. 33 to 64.
•readme.txt: Explanations for use.
* The definition file when number of occupied stations for slave station is 1, expanded cyclic is 8.

Model No. FAMCL-01
Applicable Modules Yokogawa FA-M3 Programming Tool WideField3
Release Date December 19, 2016
File ID ZIP Archive:
File Size 450 KB

ZIP Archive

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