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73VR11BLD : 73VR1100 PC Configurator Software Update

This update corrects the following problems:
The following Windows operating systems are supported.

  • Windows Vista Business 32 bits
  • Windows 7 Professional 32 bits
Applicable Software Versions
This update is applicable to the following versions of 73VR11BLD.

Applicable versions
Updated version
V1.00.D through V1.00.H

< How to confirm the software version of 73VR11BLD? >
Start up the 73VR11BLD. The version No. is indicated on the right top in the initial view.
Bug Fix Details

Updating the software will enable the use on the Windows Vista/Windows 7 operating systems.

< Limitations >
The following limitations apply depending on the version of the 73VR1100 recorder/viewer unit.
V1.00.D through V5.00.K

  • Do not set the Anemoscope function on the 73VR11BLD. If a configuration file with the Anemoscope function setting is created by the 73VR11BLD and used on the 73VR1100, the operation channel with the Anemoscope setting malfunctions.
  • Do not select “US4(Temp.)” for Analog type in Pen setting (Input). If a configuration file using the “US4(Temp.)” setting is created by the 73VR11BLD and used on the 73VR1100, the input channel with the “US4(Temp.)” setting malfunctions.
How to Install the Update
ZIP archive
Press DOWNLOAD button for the ZIP archive and save the archive on your Windows desktop.
Use an uncompressing tool to expand the downloaded archive.
Follow instructions on the screen to install the unzipped file.

< NOTE >
If you already have a73VR11BLD program installed in your PC, remove it before installing the updated one. → How to uninstall (PDF 1.1MB)
Model No. 73VR11BLD
Version 1.02.03
OS Windows XP SP2 or SP3, Windows Vista Business 32 bits, Windows 7 Professional 32 bits
Caution: Adequate operation is not unconditionally guaranteed.
Screen Area VGA, 1024 x 768 pixels
Display Colors 65000 colors or more (16 bit high color)
Release Date October 27, 2014
File ID

ZIP Archive:

File Size 3.32 MB

ZIP Archive


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