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73ET : 73ET Paperless Recorder Software Update

This update corrects the following problem(s):

  1. When connected to the R3 Series Network Module model R3-NM1, alarm outputs may not be provided at Discrete Output Modules (model: R3-DCx) .
Applicable Software Versions
This update is applicable to the following versions of 73ET.

Applicable version
Updated version
V6.00A through V6.00U

< How to confirm the software version of 73ET? >
Start up the 73ET. The version No. is indicated on the right top in the initial view.
Bug Fix Details
Updating the software will fix the bug. This update will not affect existing configuration setting or data stored in the 73ET.

DO NOT apply this update to versions other than indicated above. It may cause malfunctions if it is applied to an wrong version program.
How to Install the Update
Get CF Card ready before updating. You can use a card used to store the 73ET data for this operation without affecting or losing files or data in the card. However, as a precaution, we recommend that you would store backup files (7xET.7xDA, 7xET.7xPA, 7xET.7xAA, 7xET.7xCA) in the PC's hard disk.

ZIP archive
Press DOWNLOAD button for the ZIP archive and save the archive on your Windows desktop.
Use an uncompressing tool to expand the downloaded archive.
Unzipped files are: 73ET.exe, 73ETINST.exe.

Turn off the power supply to the 73ET recorder/viewer unit ('Recorder'). If the Recorder is running, be sure to touch STOP key on the screen and cancel recording before turning off the power supply.

Push the CF Card Eject button and remove the card.
Copy the files (7xET.7xDA, 7xET.7xPA, 7xET.7xAA, 7xET.7xCA) in the card to the PC's hard disk if you want to store backup files.
Copy 73ET.exe and 73ETINST.exe to the card.
Insert the card to the card slot of the Recorder.
Turn on the power supply to the Recorder.
"Copying 73ET.exe! Please wait!!" message appears on the screen. Wait until another message "Eject VersionUp CF. Please restart!!" appears. Turn off the power supply and eject the card.
Delete 73ET.exe and 73ETINST.exe from the card, and return the files you stored separately in (5) back to the card.
Insert the card to the card slot of the Recorder and turn on the power supply.
>> Print PDF : How to Install the Update (40k)
Model No. 73ET-M2-x/0003
Version 6.00V
Release Date Feb. 14, 2008
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