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71VRCFG: 71VR1 Configurator Software
Release Date
Update History
Update Version
Oct. 03, 2013
Applied to the 71VR1 hardware version 1.6.01 or later versions


Mar. 27, 2012
This version corrects the following problem:
When configuration is stored with version 3.01.xx, 71VR1 with firmware version earlier than 1.4.02 fails in reading it


Feb. 23, 2012
Applied to the 71VR1 hardware version 1.4.02 or later versions


Sep. 09, 2010
While Field of all Output Channels is “None,” clicking “OK” button on Analog or Discrete Alarm Setting Dialog makes the 71VR1 fail to read a configuration file. 2.02

< How to confirm the software version of 71VRCFG? >
Start up the 71VRCFG. The version No. is indicated on the top right in the initial view.

71VRCFG Configurator Software is used to set parameters and manage data/configuration files for 71VR1 Series Paperless Recorders.

Press DOWNLOAD button for the ZIP archive file ( and save the archive on any folder you like.

Use an uncompressing tool to expand the downloaded archive.

For installing and using the 71VRCFG Software, please refer to the 71VRCFG Users Manual. 2 MB , 71VR Users Manual. 5.6 MB

< NOTE >
Use M-System model:COP-IRDA to communicate with 71VR1 via infrared radiation.

Model No. 71VRCFG

Windows 7 Professional,
Windows 10 (32bit/64bit)

System USB Port (for COP-IRDA COM1 through COM20)
RAM must satisfy the operating system’s requirements.
Minimum free hard disk area 10 MB
Release Date October 03, 2013
File ID ZIP Archive:
File Size 276 KB

ZIP Archive
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