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APPLICATION EXAMPLES9Specifications are subject to change without notice. When ordering, use the latest data sheets available at M-System web site.Remote Monitoring of Distribution Reservoir(s)Service water filtered at a water purification plant is typically lifted up to a distribution reservoir, then re-distributed downstream by gravity power for domestic use.The DL8 Series Web Data Loggers provide a monitoring system for distribution reservoirs, most of which are unmanned during operation.Centralized Monitoring SystemData collected from sluices and distribution reservoirs, as well as local water purification plants or pumping stations, is centrally monitored at water purification plants or local government offices.Distribution ReservoirWater Purication PlantsLocal Government OfficesWeb Data Logger, Remote I/O• Wide-Area, Remote MonitoringDL8 Series Web Data Logger with web server function monitors sites and provides data logging and event alerts. Operators only need internet access to grasp real-time water levels.• Remote Monitoring and Control of Sluice Gates• Remote Monitoring of Distribution Reservoir(s)• Remote Monitoring of Manhole PumpsSluice Water LevelWarning LampFrontBackTurbidimeter and Residual Chlorine MeterRemote I/OR3 SeriesFIFIIPPWater DistributionPumpFlowmeterFlowmeterFlowmeterWater DistributionIndicatorDistribution ReservoirFIOn/OffFailureMonitoring System Covers:• Pump Operation Cycle• Pump Major Malfunction• Pump Overload• Pump Short• Pump Operation Duration• Pump Water Level• Power FailurePPDL8 SeriesModbus (RS-485)MonitoringControl PanelDL8 SeriesDL8 SeriesDL8 SeriesDL8 SeriesADSL/OpticalMobile RouterISPADSL/OpticalMobile RouterISPRouterRouterE-mail noticationCellular PhoneISPISPISP: Internet Service ProviderISPRouterRouterRouterI/OI/OI/OInternet NetworkInternet NetworkInternet NetworkInternet NetworkWebBrowserControl PCInlet PipeDischarge PipeManhole PumpWeb Data LoggersDL8 SeriesMulti-channel, Mixed Signal Remote I/OR3 SeriesSite 1Site 2Site nDi4-20mA4-20mA4-20mA4-20mAFull Open AnswerbackFull Close AnswerbackSluice Full Open CommandSluice Full Close CommandDL8 Series