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APPLICATION EXAMPLES7Specifications are subject to change without notice. When ordering, use the latest data sheets available at M-System web site.Semiconductor FactoriesAutomotive FactoriesPhotovoltaic GenerationSemiconductor Cleaning Equipment I/O and Safety MeasuresVarious signal conditioners are used in semiconductor related manufacturing processes. In addition, we introduce here an application of the R8 Series Remote I/O modules with interlocking function, which have been developed by a customer’s requirement for cleaning equipment.In normal conditions, I/O signals are processed via network (EtherCAT). However, in an event of malfunction, specific or all output signals can be turned off by an interlocking command contact input. The equipment can be halted by direct local control without using the communication network.Automotive Coating SystemCoatings applied to automotive parts or components require sophisticated technologies. The remote I/O system that supports HLS, ultra high-speed, high-reliability field network, is adopted in coating processes as a solution to provide high-speed and high-accuracy control of multiple coating spray nozzles. High-Speed Sampling Tests of Automotive EnginesHigh-speed isolation amplifiers are adopted for the development of high-speed voltage input boards for the automotive engine testing equipment. Lightning Surge Protection for Photovoltaic SystemsTidily aligned photovoltaic modules and their wiring installed in a vast site are highly susceptible to induced lightning. Lightning surge protectors protect photovoltaic modules and power conditioners used in solar generation systems.Remote I/ORemote I/OIsolation AmplierLightning Surge ProtectorFactories• Remote I/O for Semiconductor Cleaning EquipmentMulti-PortSolenoid ValveEtherCATInterlock Command Contactto Other Remote I/ORemote I/OR8 SeriesChemical Liquid Reservoir, Rinsing Water ReservoirDryerWafer UnloadWafer UnloadWafer LoadWafer LoadTransfer RobotOutletSlice Type, Mixed Signal Remote I/OR8 Series• Automotive Coating System• Lightning Protection for Photovoltaic Systems• Tests and Measurements of Automotive Engine PerformanceCompact Remote I/O for HLSR7HL SeriesCoating Application ControllerOpen NetworkHLSRemote I/OCoating Jet NozzleHigh-SpeedIsolation Amplifier 20VFRevolution SpeedBoost PressureRevolution SpeedTorqueFor Engine TestsHigh-Speed Voltage Input BoardEngine for TestsPCSurge Protector for Photovoltaic SystemsMATPHigh-Speed Isolation AmplierPowerConditionerPhotovoltaic ModulePhotovoltaic ModuleJunction Boxto Receiving and Transforming EquipmentSurge Protector for Photovoltaic Systems