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APPLICATION EXAMPLES12Specifications are subject to change without notice. When ordering, use the latest data sheets available at M-System web site.Pulp andPaperMillsCP Controller of Paper MachinesA CP controller is a device that provides systematic control for uniformized distribution of paper weight in gsm*1. To the controller, a large number of dilution water lines are connected, and each line has a control valve attached to it. Accurate control of these control valves enables fine adjustment of the dilution water flow passing through each line, consequently producing a uniform transverse weight of paper per unit area. The MSP Series Electric Actuators are in use as electric actuator for the control valves. Typically, one CP controller needs 50-100 control valves. The MSP Series with communication function allows all network wiring to be allocated in series reducing wiring work.*1: weight of paper per unit areaElectric Actuator• CP Control System of Paper Machines• Cooling Control System for Marine EnginesPulp andVesselsCooling Control System for Marine EnginesRotary motion electric actuators are in use for cooling systems of marine diesel engines. They control pure water temperatures to cool diesel engines, as well as 3-way valve apertures that maintain adequate sea-water temperatures for cooling air. For marine use, equipment must endure harsher conditions than those for onshore equipment so as to assure safe navigation of the vessels. Approval certificates of classification societies are granted for electric devices or equipment that can endure such conditions. The PRP Rotary Motion Electric Actuator has been accredited by Lloyd’s Register Marine classification, the certification of longest standing among the international classification societies.Pulp MaterialsMaterial Conveyor PipeDilution WaterPLC NetworksMaterial Distribution RoomPLCElectric Actuator MSP Series with Communication FunctionRaw Material(Liquid Pulp)Dilution WaterControl ValvePaper MachineOpen Network Capable Linear / Rotary Motion Electric ActuatorsMSP/ MRP SeriesPPuried Water CoolerSea-WaterSea-Water IntakeElectric ActuatorControl ValveBypassBypassInlet Temperature Control ValveSea-Water Cooling LineMMPCoolantPLC NetworksElectric ActuatorPRP Series (rotary type; max. torque 200 N·m, Lloyd's Register type approved)The headbox evenly spreads materials transferred through the CP controller.HeadboxPure Water Line