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Applicable Area : Factory production lines
Application : Monitoring of carbon dioxide concentration, etc., in fermentation and maturation processes

The fermentation and maturation processes greatly affect the quality of the beer. The DL8 is used to monitor carbon dioxide levels and other values in the brew chamber, where fermentation and maturation take place, all the time.

When an abnormal condition occurs, such as a pressure abnormality in the fermentation tank or a carbon dioxide leak in the brew chamber, an alarm e-mail is sent to the smartphone(s) and/or computer(s) of maintenance personnel and process managers in the plant.

Regular report e-mails contain current values such as alcohol content, fermentation level, density and temperature allowing for quality control to be achieved without onsite monitoring of instruments.

When there is a carbon dioxide concentration abnormality, a contact signal output by the alarm output function turns on alarm lamps inside or at the entrance of the brew chamber, indicating that the concentration is dangerously high.


● Static IP or dynamic DNS is required.

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