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Gas Cogeneration GeneratorPDF
Industry : Electricity, gas
Application : Monitoring of gas cogeneration generators

The DL8 is used to monitor in-house gas cogeneration generators.

It is used for measuring the operating time and number of operations of the devices peripheral to the generator, and for maintenance.

Because it is connected to in-house LAN, it can be monitored from company computers using LAN.

As well, it carries out e-mail notifications using the in-house e-mail server.

When a breakdown occurs, it notifies the in-house facilities manager and the gas cogeneration generator management company simultaneously by e-mail, allowing rapid response.

The DL8 sends an hourly e-mail enabling a grasp of the current values of each measurement item, as included in the e-mail text, and confirmation of generation status.

Gas Cogeneration Generator

● Static IP or dynamic DNS is required.

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