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Applicable Area : Equipment / Machines
Application : Monitoring of air supply and ventilation volume to cleanrooms, external atmospheric pressure

In general, cleanrooms are used for the manufacturing of micron scale components like semiconductors. If abnormalities occur, the production line will be forced to an emergency stop. Cleanroom parameters monitored by the DL8 include the air volume supplied and ventilated to the room, external atmospheric pressure, internal pressure, air supply/ventilation fan operation status, and others.

By connecting the DL8 to the internal LAN, monitoring is made easier. As well, e-mail notifications can be sent using the in house e-mail server.

When an abnormality appears in the monitored data, a rapid response is possible through e-mail notifications sent to the in-house facilities manager.

Hourly report e-mails contain current values for each measurement item, allowing for accurate confirmation of on site status.


● Static IP or dynamic DNS is required.

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