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CP Controller of Paper Machines

A CP controller is a device that provides systematic control for uniformized distribution of paper weight in gsm*1. To the controller, a large number of dilution water lines are connected, and each line has a control valve attached to it. Accurate control of these control valves enables fine adjustment of the dilution water flow passing through each line, consequently producing a uniform transverse weight of paper per unit area. The MSP Series Electric Actuators are in use as electric actuator for the control valves. Typically, one CP controller needs 50-100 control valves. The MSP Series with communication function allows all network wiring to be allocated in series reducing wiring work.
*1: weight of paper per unit area

CP Control System of Paper Machines

CP Control System of Paper Machines

Open Network Capable Linear/
Rotary Motion Electric Actuators
MSP/ MRP Series

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MSP/ MRP Series
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